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SpeedScriber 2.2.6 released

We’re pleased to announce that SpeedScriber 2.2.6 is now available on the App Store. This update features the following changes:

  • Added new option to remove all favorite ranges on the current file in the Edit menu.
  • Improved caption page layout, resulting in fewer pages where sentences are very short.
  • Fixed word highlighting not updating when moving to previous sentence or speaker range during playback.
  • Fixed missing time display in imported files list for .mp3 and .wav files.
  • Fixed possibility of missing caption pages if speaker names were displayed.
  • Fixed possibility that last word of a sentence was displayed on a new caption page.
  • Fixed possibility that a person’s name could be split across different caption lines.
  • Fixed possibility that caption lines could be 33 characters long rather than 32 characters.
  • Further fixes for word editing errors on French language transcripts.
  • Improved workaround for bug with MP3 files exported from FCPX and Compressor containing incorrect duration which caused app to crash or waveforms to be out of sync in previous versions.