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Customer Stories: Chris Sinclair of Outskirt Films in Dallas

Chris Sinclair is a photojournalist turned an all-round filmmaker through his company, Outskirt Films. He’s been using SpeedScriber since October 2016 and speaks with SpeedScriber designer and developer, Martin Baker. MartinIt’s always a pleasure to talk with customers so thanks for joining me Chris. ChrisNo problem, thanks for making the software! MartinSo how did you […]

SpeedScriber 2.3.4 released

We’re pleased to announce that SpeedScriber 2.3.4 is now available. This update features the following changes: Improvements to punctuation editing where selected word has closing quote at the end. Exported SRT files now have 1 empty line at the end for improved compatibility. Fixed caption timing bug that could produce invalid export where start time […]