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How SpeedScriber starts transcribing a 20GB video file in the same time as a 20MB audio file

We took 2 files with the same 10m30s duration: ProRes 4444 video file (file size: 20.36GB) MP3 audio file (file size: 20.2MB). Each file was imported into SpeedScriber and we timed how long it took from clicking the Transcribe button until the file appeared in the main file list with “Processing” status. The test was […]

How to select words

When viewing a transcript, SpeedScriber works in word mode. As the media file is played, each word in the transcript highlights in real-time to match the speech. During playback you can click on any word in the transcript to locate the media file to that word. Playback will resume automatically. When playback is stopped you […]

SpeedScriber 2.2.2 released

We’re pleased to announce that SpeedScriber 2.2.2 is now available on the App Store. This update features the following changes: • Added workaround for problems with MP3 files exported from Final Cut Pro X which are not handled correctly by AVFoundation framework in macOS. In previous versions, this resulted in waveform creation failing so the […]