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How to select words

When viewing a transcript, SpeedScriber works in word mode. As the media file is played, each word in the transcript highlights in real-time to match the speech.

During playback you can click on any word in the transcript to locate the media file to that word. Playback will resume automatically.

When playback is stopped you can:

Select a single word by clicking anywhere on that word.
Select multiple words by clicking the start word then dragging forwards to the end word (or if you’re a rebel, by clicking the end word then dragging backwards to the start word).
Extend the selection to the right by pressing Shift‑Right (or to the left by pressing Shift‑Left).
When multiple words are selected, the number of words and their duration is displayed in the lower toolbar.

How to add or delete a paragraph break

Add paragraph break on a selected word by clicking the button or pressing Shift‑Return/Enter

Delete the paragraph break by clicking the button again or pressing Shift‑Delete